Since February 7, 2022, Terre de Miel has gone from dream to nightmare. The master builder left without paying his workers taking 250,000 euros to finance the total budget, leaving the site as a battlefield, with waste beyond measure, rubble everywhere on the ground, holes in the roofs, buildings without windows, exposed cables ... You can follow on this link "" he events that have unfolded since we contacted the master builder on Facebook on 04 October 2020.

The site being now cleaned, it is necessary to make strategic and informed choices and to find craftsmen to continue the Terre de Miel project. The place remains strikingly beautiful from daybreak with winter frost to sunset under azure blue skies. Nature remains restful. The dream is not broken. It will require more resources and time to achieve. Morale is in meditation to turn the page and in patience and conviction to see Terre de Miel succeed... If you wish to help, any form of support is welcome. Please communicate by email to:

Meadow with fruit trees